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Premium hair and Eco-friendly satin hair accessories, hair styling tools, brushes and towels from various award-winning and Black-owned brands, for all hair types, especially curls, kinks and coils – available now at

  • Brush With The Best by Felicia Leatherwood - The Original Detangling Brush (Black)

    This new and improved, award-winning, influencer approved and popular Felicia Leatherwood D2 Detangler brush, has a widely spaced flexi-bristles glide easily through hair without breaking, pain or damaging your hair strands.

    This brush works with any and all hair types! From curly to kinky curly, and straight to super thick or even synthetic hair, this brush will help your detangle days become easier.

    To achieve the best results we recommend you use the brush on wash days using your favourite conditioning treatment.

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  • Microfiber Hair Towel by SOUL CAP

    This unique microfiber Hair Towel by Soul Cap is extra gentle and designed to prevent frizz and breakage when drying. This towel loves your hair. Soul Cap has designed it with all hair types in mind, knowing too much heat and friction can be harmful to your hair. Breakage and follicle damage from harsh drying is your number one enemy. Thus, this towel is gentle, super lightweight and extra absorbent. You won't be disappointed!   Ideal for thick, long and curly hair, up to and past the shoulders.

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