About Us

About Us


Our Mission and Values

  • To become the no. 1 online destination for natural Afro hair and beauty products, serving the African diaspora, as well as interracial families, non-Black vegans and sustainable natural beauty enthusiasts alike.
  • To support black and female entrepreneurs by committing to stock at least 70% black-owned and 50% women-founded brands (of which we have exceeded).
  • To enhance local communities and support black causes through our giving scheme.

Prestigious Afro Beauty is not just an eCommerce Natural Afro Hair and Beauty store but is also a Social Enterprise and a movement, that celebrates the beauty of everyone and all hair textures, with emphasis on curly and afro hair, whilst actively confronting racism and hair discrimination. Our legacy is to empower the current and future generations to come to embrace their natural beauty and enhance their level of self-care and love, through providing quality toxic-free natural products and sharing educational content, that will also generate wealth within the Black and local communities.

Prestigious Afro Beauty pledges to donate at least 20% of profits on an annual basis to charities selected by our customers. Such charities and organisations will be focused on addressing the needs and issues faced by the British Black community, and will be use to either enhance local and deprived communities, fund mental health programmes or used to enhance the well-being and skills of at risk-youth and the elderly.

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We only stock premium quality natural products, by brands who use the best toxic-free, natural often organic and fair-traded ingredients, which have not been tested on animals. Most products are organic and vegan-friendly. The majority of products in our store have also been tired and tested by us, and over 80% of the products and brands we stock have also won various awards within the last five years. 


We strive to deliver great customer service and an exceptional product range of natural hair care, grooming, skincare and beauty products that are inclusive, safe and suitable for all members of the family, regardless of age or race. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our friendly customer service at cs@prestigiousafrobeauty.com


Prestigious Afro Beauty is an inclusive social enterprise that has a heart for the wider communities that we support. We also support entrepreneurs and small business owners, through providing the opportunity to work with us to reach new customers. To tackle discrimination and known barriers to members of the African Diaspora, and Women, we strive to work with at least 70% of Black-owned businesses.

Social Responsibility

We will donate 20% of our profits to Black British Mental Health and Youth related charities, as selected by our customers via social media and through our newsletters. We will also be actively campaigning against racism and hair discrimination, therefore may partner with other organisations, current partners and social enterprises as well. To stay updated subscribe to our VIP newsletter, and follow us on social media:

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